LaFarra & Co. Aims to Revolutionize Makeup Industry With Safer Options for Women

A swarm of issues have begun to arise in the makeup industry regarding how some products cause harmful effects on their consumers. From using ingredients that exposed reproductive and endocrine problems during animal testing to having links to hormonal issues and cancer in humans, many companies are realizing that the status quo is no longer acceptable when creating products for their highly valued customers. After experiencing irritation and lash loss from using such makeup products herself, Dr. LaFarra Young decided to take matters into her own hands and built LaFarra & Co.

LaFarra & Co. is a wellness and makeup company that aims to make women’s, especially mothers’ lives easier. The brand seeks to help women boost their confidence, be vibrant, and look their best while tackling long and exhausting days. As a working mom herself, the founder and CEO understands the amount of pressure mothers face on a daily basis. She also knows that many women like her find it difficult to get hold of products that are not likely to cause irritation and discomfort in women already suffering from sensitivities and other health concerns. With innovation, Dr. LaFarra was able to create products that address such safety issues.

“As a working single mom to young children, I wanted a convenient way to wake up my face, which was also safe to use on my sensitive skin. I wanted lashes that looked like my own natural lashes without being the flimsy lashes that sometimes came off midconversation with others, and I just didn’t see many other options. So, I created my own line of luxury lashes and skincare products that had women with sensitivities in mind,” said Dr. LaFarra.

Dr. LaFarra is a physician and has long been thriving with an autoimmune disease. After using makeup products for her eyes, hoping to make them look more lively and radiant, she grew frustrated when she developed pink, irritated eyes and began to lose all her lashes. Dr. LaFarra  realized that the same mascara and liners causing her issues were also associated with allergies, permanent loss of eyelashes, irritation, and potentially long-term health problems. She then realized that she was not the only one facing such problems. Her experiences led her to build LaFarra & Co. and help women worldwide make better health-friendly beauty choices.

LaFarra & Co. is best known for its luxury magnetic lashes with a unique makeup removal system that does not contain any harsh chemicals whatsoever.

“My lashes are ten magnet lashes for a stronger hold, waterproof and windproof for the active and high-performing woman. The ten magnet lashes are customizable providing comfortable options for various eye shapes, including  smaller eyes,” explained the CEO.

The magnetic liners are also not as thin as their counterparts in the market, making them hold longer throughout the day. LaFarra & Co. also created a dual phase makeup remover made with natural ingredients, produced specifically for those with sensitive eyes. 

“Women don’t have to compromise safety, convenience, quality, or character when looking for products that allow them to perform confidently as they tackle challenges many of us face daily,” shared Dr. LaFarra.

The founder and CEO also emphasized that while LaFarra & Co. promotes the “natural look” for women, it also provides quite a few options for women who prefer a bolder look.  The company also highlights the value of seeing makeup not only as a beauty routine but also as a self-care routine which is associated with better overall health when we implement at least one

“Benjamin Franklin has been quoted saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ We totally agree,” said Dr. LaFarra. 

Furthermore, as an African American, minority-owned company, LaFarra & Co. strives to provide opportunities for people who deserve it and genuinely care about their products. Soon enough, the company will transform the beauty industry with its unparalleled commitment to quality, safe, and chic products. 

To learn more about LaFarra & Co, visit its website.