How Dawn Bostick Applied the 3Fs to Restore Her Life and Positively Impact Women Going Through Similar Endeavors

When people go through dark periods of their lives, it can be difficult for them to believe that the best is yet to come. However, it is not always a bad thing to grieve. The trouble is giving in and letting the feeling consume them. Dawn Bostick stands as a shining light to guide women going through moments of uncertainty in their lives through her work as a speaker, author, and podcast host.

Dawn Bostick was born in St. Albans, West Virginia. She was raised as a military brat and was blessed with the opportunity to travel the world with her family. Dawn was fortunate enough to grow up in a culturally diverse background which she believes God used to hone a passion for touching the hearts of all people. As a published author and podcast host, one would assume that she had it easy, but the truth could not be further.

Entering adulthood, Dawn would find herself getting married and giving birth to a beautiful daughter. While one would get the impression that it would lead to a happy ending, life had other plans. The marriage would not last, and Dawn would have to walk through the tsunami of divorce on her own, losing everything along the way. However, she would pick herself up again.

Utilizing the 3Fs of Focus, Finish, and Flourish, Dawn restored her life once more and walked in her purpose. As she implemented the 3Fs, Dawn got creative and authored two books — Maggie the Milkshake Baby and Hello Beloved, both of which have been published recently.

Maggie the Milkshake Baby shares the story of an interracial child who struggles with her self-image. Throughout the story, Maggie slowly embraces her beauty as God’s ‘special blend.’ Hello Beloved is a series of love notes that Dawn perceived from the Lord. She wrote each note to carry words of encouragement and a challenge to strengthen their relationship with God. Her goal with both works is to encourage women of all ages to embrace themselves as God’s beautiful work and pursue a stronger, more intimate relationship with the Lord.

Dawn Bostick has always loved writing as it brings her joy to reach into the inkpot of her soul and translate what she finds into something that can be shared. “Writing heals,” she shared, and she believes that it also transforms her and leads her to a place of hope.

Following her writing pursuits, Dawn would start a podcast called Iconic Women, which offers a platform to amazing and iconic women as they walk out the 3Fs to influence and impact others’ lives. As the host, Dawn and her guests share their artistry, books, gifts, talents, and businesses with the world. She has also been using her platform to coach others to transform their own lives and impact the lives of others around them as well. Dawn coaches them to learn to love their lives, especially in the middle of troubling times, whether it is the pandemic, a divorce, mental health challenges, or other forms of grief and loss. 

Dawn Bostick hopes to use her position as an author, speaker, and podcast host to positively impact others, especially with the 3Fs of Focus, Finish, and Flourish.

Learn more about Dawn Bostick by visiting her official website.