Kunal Puri of Houston, TX, Continues to Follow Passion for Charitable Giving and Golf

Mr. Puri is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who resides and works in the Houston, TX, area. Today, he is the CEO and founder of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, a growing firm that provides disinfecting, janitorial, and cleaning services in the healthcare industry. While this company has continued to be successful and keep him busy, Kunal Puri Houston looks for ways to give back and enjoy his favorite hobbies and tasks.

Kunal Puri Continues to Love Golf

For Kunal Puri, one of the best ways to spend a nice day is out on the open links at his local golf course. Being from the Houston, TX, area, the warm weather makes it possible to golf most days throughout the year. He truly enjoys playing golf with his friends, family, colleagues, and those with whom he shares a professional relationship. This includes playing a relaxing round with friends, participating in a local tournament, or participating in charity golf events. If he cannot get out on the course, he is more than happy hanging out at home and watching some golf on TV. Beyond golf, he also loves to watch other professional and collegiate sports, including football and basketball.

Spending Time with Family

Another way that Kunal Puri likes to spend his time is by relaxing and having fun with his family. He is a married family man with a young son whom he loves to spend time with. This can include relaxing and playing at home, visiting a local park, or exploring the rest of Houston. Finding the time to spend with his family is a top priority, even when he is busy with work and other activities.

Support Local Charities

Another way that Kunal Puri Texas spends his time is by giving back to his community. Beyond participating in golf charity events, he likes to participate and donate to charities supporting children’s causes. He is also active with his temple and church and donates funds to it regularly.

Kunal Puri is a Houston business owner who continues to be a successful businessman as the head of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. While this business continues to grow and takes a lot of time to lead and develop, he still finds ways to give back and enjoy some of his favorite activities. When he is not at work, he loves playing golf, watching sports, spending time with his family, and giving back to the local community.